Agenda 20 september 2016 - Tilburg

Introducing the Netherlands: Democracy and the Rule of Law

The third Tuesday in September is 'Prince's Day' (Prinsjesdag) in the Netherlands. On that day, in his capacity as Head of State, the King delivers the so-called 'King's Speech' (Troonrede) in the Hall of Knights in The Hague. What is this day about?  What are the principles of the Dutch constitutional democracy? 

Reijer Passchier, researcher and lecturer at Tilburg Law School will give an interactive lecture about Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Netherlands. This is the first lecture in of a series which will tell you everything about The Netherlands! 
The event is open to all students, faculty members and others.

When: 20 September 2016 12:45 - 13:45.
Location: Black Box, Explanada Building, Tilburg University

You can find more information here.